Marijuana and motherhood: Testimonials undercut fears

Marijuana and breastfeeding: Testimonials undercut fears(Photo credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Mothers with healthy children open up about using pot while pregnant and breast-feeding. published an interesting piece Wednesday, June 15, about the controversial topic of marijuana consumption by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Although no scientific evidence exists to indicate prenatal pot exposure or exposure through breast milk is harmful to childhood development, many political, legal and health authorities continue to behave as if some sort of conclusive proof on the matter did exist.

The reason reliable scientific data doesn’t exist on this topic is because it’s considered unethical to conduct clinical trials of illegal substances on pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Due to the unknown outcomes, most doctors advise pregnant and breast-feeding women to avoid marijuana. This is somewhat ironic considering these women are commonly prescribed opiate painkillers, which are known

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