May 2016

Turnkey dispensary operator and cultivator Ultra Health, based in Arizona with extensive operations in New Mexico and expanding to Nevada, has turned to an Israeli company, Panaxia, to make its medical cannabis products more medical. Panaxia will build a factory in New Mexico and has received a $250K purchase commitment from Ultra Health for products that include […]

Getty Osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) is a degenerative bone disorder characterized by progressive loss of bone tissue followed by multiple, pathological fractures and related disabilities. Brittle bone disease is comparatively more prevalent in elderly women than in elderly men, possibly due to hormonal causes. Approximately 10 million people in the U.S. suffer with osteoporosis, and […]

‘Legalising cannabis plants would benefit health’. Legalising cannabis production would have benefits for public health and human rights, according to a study commissioned by Dutch local authorities. The 27 municipalities are among a group campaigning for a change in the law that would allow them to regulate the growing and wholesale of weed plants. The […]

Email To: From Email address: Name: Please send me a copy Message: Verification code Gleneagle Gold Ltd completes Pre-IPO Capital Raise Monday, May 30, 2016 by Proactive Investors Harry Karelis, chairman, Zelda Therapeutics Pty Ltd Gleneagle Gold Ltd (ASX:GLN) is well-advanced in its transition into the medical cannabis sector, as… read more at:

Israel generic drugs and medical devices company Panaxia has signed an agreement with Ultra Health, the leading medical cannabis distribution company in New Mexico, to build a cannabis processing plant. The plant will be built on one of Ultra Health’s farms in New Mexico, and its products will be marketed in the US by Ultra […]

When you think of the legal marijuana industry, you think of Colorado and California. But marijuana is not uniquely American, nor is the legalization movement. Medical and recreational marijuana is a multi-billion dollar global industry, with various  programs either ready to be implemented or already up and running in countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, […]

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Getty Proponents of continued cannabis prohibition have long exaggerated the harmful effects of driving while high. When states started legalizing recreational cannabis a few years ago, the debate heated up even more. RT America reports that a recent study done by the automotive giant AAA has proven what cannabis users have been saying since the […]

The 6th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy, held May 23-25, provided a platform for exploring the dynamic evolution of health policy worldwide and acknowledging its complex, uncertain and interactive nature. Pesach Shvartzman, one of Israel’s leading family physicians and a prominent expert in both pain control and palliative medicine, took this opportunity to unveil […]

The researchers were inspired by the illegal practice of “dabbing.” Scientists at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland say that electronic cigarettes could provide a safe and effective way to deliver cannabis for medicinal purposes. The researchers were inspired by the illegal practice of “dabbing,” which involves smoking concentrated doses of cannabis — butane hash […]

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