Medical marijuana debate focuses on feds and research

SALT LAKE CITY — Medical marijuana advocates, stymied in their recent efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Utah, are taking the fight to the nation’s capital.

They are calling on Utah’s congressional delegation to support a bill that would downgrade marijuana from a schedule I controlled substance to a schedule II substance — something that state legislators urged Congress to do in a resolution sponsored by state Sen. Brian Shiozawa, R-Salt Lake City.

That would open the way for more research on the substance, something both advocates and those concerned about the potential harmful impacts of marijuana support.

Christine Stenquist, executive director of TRUCE (Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education), said state lawmakers should be doing more to convince Utah’s delegation to open up marijuana research.

“If they are telling us that our fight isn’t with them (and) it’s with the federal government, and they are in

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