Marijuana Study Finds ‘Racial Injustice’ In California

ACLU of California finds 'racial injustice' in California marijuana tickets. (photo courtesy of U.S. Marshalls via flickr)

Blacks get four times the pot tickets as whites in California; Latinos 1.7 times as many.

Legalizing marijuana will be no “silver bullet” for systemic racism, activists are saying today, after a landmark new study confirmed California’s blacks get pot tickets at about four times the rate of whites, despite similar usage levels.

California decriminalized personal possession of cannabis in 2010, and arrests have fallen 86 percent, from historic highs of around 100,000 per year, to about 20,000 in 2014.

But making pot a ticket instead of a misdemeanor also downgraded the government’s level of enforcement oversight. No one knows how many pot tickets California police are writing each year, or to whom. It took a team of four Stanford law students over one year of groundbreaking, original

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