May 2016

Blacks get four times the pot tickets as whites in California; Latinos 1.7 times as many. Legalizing marijuana will be no “silver bullet” for systemic racism, activists are saying today, after a landmark new study confirmed California’s blacks get pot tickets at about four times the rate of whites, despite similar usage levels. California decriminalized […]

Government intends, as a matter of urgency, to legalise of the use of medical cannabinoid oil for the treatment of cancer and glaucoma among other conditions. This was announced by Premier Hon Alden McLaughlin on Monday 30 May as he delivered the Progressives-led Government policy statement following the formal opening of the Legislative Assembly. Photo: […]

With little hope fentanyl will go away, experts believe the province-wide expansion of harm-reduction services such as supervised consumption sites, the provision of clean, pharmaceutical-grade drugs to some users and an end to prohibition may be the only ways out of this crisis. Russell Cooper picked up a saying at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. “Jails, institutions […]

Their morning ritual was nearly complete: Breakfast was finished, teeth brushed, shoes on. Let’s go. Now. Or we’re going to be late. Forrest Hurd was preparing to shuttle his son to preschool and his daughter to kindergarten when something caught his eye. It was his boy, Silas, staggering in circles, eyes seemingly fixed on some […]

SALT LAKE CITY — Medical marijuana advocates, stymied in their recent efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Utah, are taking the fight to the nation’s capital. They are calling on Utah’s congressional delegation to support a bill that would downgrade marijuana from a schedule I controlled substance to a schedule II substance — something that […]

Premier Alden McLaughlin has instructed government lawyers to draft legislation allowing local doctors to prescribe cannabis oil, which is derived from the marijuana plant, for medical purposes. Mr. McLaughlin said Monday during his speech to the Legislative Assembly on the government’s policy initiatives over the next year in office, that the administration had “carefully considered” […]

Premier Alden McLaughlin (CNS): There were not many surprises in the premier’s Budget Statement delivered in the Legislative Assembly on Monday morning but the PPM leader announced two unexpected and unrelated items that will be welcomed by many. Alden McLaughlin said that all civil servants will receive a 2.2% one-off bonus payment in their June […]

While moving to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, Toronto Public Health acknowledges that there may be therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis, such as help with pain relief, nausea and inflammation. That acknowledgement comes in a report considered and endorsed by the Toronto Board of Health on Monday, which calls on the federal government to use a public […]

Controversy is brewing around the Phoenix VA Health Care System, cannabis research and veterans. Phoenix will be one of two sites for the first clinical study of medical marijuana as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans. Former University of Arizona researcher, Dr. Sue Sisley, will treat patients in Phoenix, and has asked to […]

Court finds severe burns punishment enough for cannabis oil manufacture Stoke Volunteer Fire Fighters, St John Ambulance and Police at the scene of an explosion at house in Stoke. A man whose cannabis oil manufacturing caused a house explosion had “a major wake-up call” after a lucky escape, Nelson District Court has heard. Matthew Maher, 34, suffered burns to 37 per […]