Cannabis oil for kids: Michigan family fighting for son’s health

MICHIGAN – Seven-year-old Ryan Powers could smoke marijuana in the comfort of his own home and have full protection under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, but, while he doesn’t smoke marijuana, he needs a special blend of cannabis oil to keep him out of the hospital.

However, cannabis oil doesn’t fall within any provisions under the act. Gray areas in Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act are making it hard for families to get the medicine they need.

Ryan’s parents, Jim and Erin Powers, told FOX 17 they’re living day-to-day avoiding prosecution and the possibility of having their child taken away because of this.

“That means the state is pigeon holing me into a corner where I have to grow pot for my son,” said Jim Powers.

There are nearly 200 registered pediatric medical marijuana patients in the state of Michigan, and Ryan Powers is one of them. Powers is living with an illness called nephrotic

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