Why millionaire Barry Lambert invested $34 million in medicinal cannabis

For the next year, the Lambert family tried to treat the condition with conventional medicine. Katelyn was admitted tens of times to Gosford Hospital and treated with a cocktail of dangerous drugs such as clonazepam, a depressant similar to valium. At one point, so desperate were doctors to get a large dose into the tiny child that they drilled into her bones. But the seizures kept coming.

It was then that Michael, a computer and horticultural science graduate who had briefly worked at Count with his father, did what many desperate parents do. He asked Dr Google.

By chance, the internet was full of a CNN documentary aired in 2013 called Weed. It told the story of Charlotte Figi, a little girl from Colorado with Dravet, whose parents treated her with cannabis. They used a strain of cannabis plant dubbed “Charlotte’s Web” supposedly suitable for children. Bred to all but eliminate THC,

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