Study finds chronic cannabis users worse off

New research shows chronic marijuana smokers – those who use cannabis four or more days a week for many years – are more likely to wind up in a lower “social and economic class” than their parents.

The study found chronic marijuana smokers were more likely to be poorly paid. Photo: 123RF

Researchers at the University of California, Duke University and King’s College London, tracked 1000 people who were born in Dunedin 45 years ago and were being monitored in Otago University’s longitudinal health and development study.

They said those who went on to become heavy marijuana users disproportionately experienced downward social mobility and financial problems by the age of 38, compared to their peers.

Earlier this week Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne this week said the government was considering taking a more tolerant approach to minor drug offences, which kicked off a debate about drug laws in

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    Yes, New Zealand’s prohibition laws have done a fine job creating a sub-class out of Cannabis users. The Government must be so proud of their work in this field and with numbers down to the record lows, of only 80% of young people having tried it at least once. The smell of victory is fresh in their collective nose, they’ve done it, they’ve almost won the war on their people. In these heady final years of battle, maybe only forty years from now, we will be toasting their success with some fine vintage, J K wine.

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    It’s amazing when you read the US patent 6630507 and see that the reference material mostly dates back to the 1980s, one can only feel disgust for the lives lost and those denied comfort while facing serious illness.
    This document gives a public record and timeline to their crimes on humanity. I only hope that one day we see them in a war crimes court facing these charges, maybe we could crowd fund a class action suit to this end.
    After all, they were the ones that declared a war on drugs.

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