Regular pot users wind up earning less money, new study says

Chronic marijuana smokers, who use cannabis four or more days a week for many years, are more likely to wind up in a lower social and economic class than their parents, according to a recently published study led by a UC Davis epidemiologist.

The study, headed by Magdalena Cerdá of the UC Davis Health System and researchers at Duke University and King’s College London, tracked people who were born in New Zealand in 1971 and 1972 and who went on to become heavy marijuana users. According to the findings, they disproportionately experienced downward social mobility and financial problems by the age of 38 when compared to their peers.

“I think the most important finding is that people who smoke cannabis regularly over many years end up in a lower social class than their parents,” said Cerdá of the study that was published online March 23 in the journal

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