Cannabis oil may reduce epileptic seizures in children – CCTV

A British pharmaceutical company said a study shows that a cannabis-based drug may dramatically reduce seizures in patients with a specific type of epilepsy. Cannabis oil has been used to treat children with epilepsy for years in the state of Colorado, where marijuana is legal.

CCTV America’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports from Denver.

It’s been a rough few months for Ernie and Nicole Sena and their daughter Amylea. She began suffering seizures right after she was born last December.After a terrifying situation where she stopped breathing and needed to be resuscitated, Amylea was flown from New Mexico, where the family lives, to a children’s hospital in Colorado. After attempts to find other medication failed, the family turned to a product called cannabis oil.Two months after birth, Amylea received her first dose.The hemp oil the Senas now rely on is non-psychoactive, but has high levels of a cannabis compound that’s found

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