A new study has been made on heavy Pot smokers


A new study says heavy pot smokers will end up in a lower social class than their parents by their mid-thirties. U.C. Davis Emergency Medicine Professor Dr. Magdalena Cerda says the study found that regular and persistent users also experienced more financial, work-related and relationship difficulties.

“Regular marijuana use over many years has an impact on one’s cognitive skills and IQ.”

She says the study found that people who are alcohol dependent have less financial difficulties than heavy users of cannabis.

“Financial problems means for example, trouble with debt, troubles with cash flow, lower credit scores.  So you can imagine, these are people in their thirties who are going to have problems getting a mortgage, getting a small business financed. So these are important problems.”

Dr. Cerda says she is not taking a position on the pot legalization issue, but she says the study points to

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