Israel: Dominating In Medical Cannabis Research | Israel Cannabis

According to an article in eNews Park : “New research has been published to show that the long-term, daily use of cannabis has been found to be associated with improved analgesia and reduced opioid use in patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain conditions, according to clinical trial data reported online in The Clinical Journal of Pain.

Investigators with Hebrew University in Israel evaluated the use of cannabis on pain in study including 176 patients, each of whom had been previously unresponsive to all conventional pain medications. Subjects inhaled THC-dominant cannabis daily (up to 20 grams per month) for a period of at least six months.The majority of participants (66 percent) experienced improvement in their pain symptom scores after cannabis therapy, and most reported improvements in their quality of life. Subjects’ overall consumption of opioid drugs declined 44 percent by the end of the trial, and a significant percentage of participants discontinued opioid

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