Last year, cannabis stocks entered the mainstream, thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and the increasing momentum of the legalization movement in the United States. Investor interest in this space remains in high gear, driven by strong performances among some stocks in the sector and the group’s powerful projected long-term growth dynamics. While […]

Hemp, a non-intoxicating form of cannabis, is valuable because it can produce CBD oil, which can be useful for treating inflammation, anxiety and seizures — among other things, according to recent studies and anecdotal evidence, said Gair Laucius, a graduate student at UConn who also took DeBacco and Berkowitz’s class. … read more at:

As any self-respecting American marijuana smoker can attest, the nation’s complicated relationship with the drug dates at least as far back as the Founding Fathers: Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known to grow acres of hemp — marijuana’s far less-psychoactive cannabis cousin — on their Virginia plantations. Although hemp was a known cash […]

On hearing the term cannabidiol, you’d be forgiven if the first thing that popped into your head was cannabis. With the debate on whether to legalise the substance remaining divisive, it seems derivatives of the plant have garnered their own following. But, drugs aside, cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that has become a trend among beauty brands and experts in recent times due […]

A dying man has pleaded with the Home Office to return the cannabis oil he relies on to ease his symptoms. Colin Robson has a brain tumour, and has found that the CBD oil has eased his pain, and boosted both his mood and energy levels. The 44-year-old was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, […]

Why you should be skeptical None of this proves that marijuana liberalization causes lower opioid-related mortality, something the authors of the 2014 JAMA study pointed out. Correlation does not mean causation, of course. A particular challenge in interpreting correlations in social science has its own name — the ecological fallacy. It’s the erroneous conclusion that […]